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(A few) airport suggestions

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(A few) airport suggestions

Post  Tobiasse on Tue Apr 05, 2011 10:05 am

I looked in to some of the world's biggest airports and found a few that's not in the game. Also, I suggest that the game could have more international destinations, maybe that will help spread the game to more corners of the world Smile So I have some suggestions of that kind too! Here is my suggestion list:

- Memphis (TN), USA
- New Orleans (LA), USA
- Ottawa, Canada
- Phoenix (AZ), USA
- Raleigh (NC), USA
- St. Louis (MO), USA

- Kingston, Jamaica
- Nassau, The Bahamas
- San José, Costa Rica
- Quito, Ecuador
- Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

- Bratislava, Slovakia
- Bucharest, Romania
- Gothenburg, Sweden
- Heraklion (Crete), Greece
- Las Palmas (Canary Islands), Spain
- Munich, Germany
- Nice, France
- Nicosia, Cyprus
- Palermo (Sicily), Italy
- Reykjavik, Iceland
- Riga, Latvia
- Sofia, Bulgaria
- St. Petersburg, Russia
- Tallinn, Estonia
- Valetta, Malta

- Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
- Ankara, Turkey
- Astana, Kazakstan
- Baku, Azerbaijan
- Beirut, Lebanon
- Damascus, Syria
- Dhaka, Bangladesh
- Muscat, Oman
- Sanaa, Yemen

- Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
- Cape Town, South Africa
- Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania
- Kinshasa, Dem. rep. of the Congo

- Bangladore, India
- Colombo, Sri Lanka
- Guangzhou, China
- Hanoi, Vietnam
- Phnom Penh, Cambodia
- Phuket, Thailand
- Rangoon, Burma

- Alice Springs, Australia
- Cairns, Australia
- Christchurch, New Zealand

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Re: (A few) airport suggestions

Post  flydavis on Tue Apr 05, 2011 5:16 pm

nice...that's a pretty comprehensive list !

I hope that the devs do look into this list for the new updates.

Trainee Pilot
Trainee Pilot

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Re: (A few) airport suggestions

Post  Oliver Cooksey on Sat Apr 09, 2011 3:13 am

Nice list there...I would love to see some more chinese city's though, ahead of USA cites.

Alice Springs> I don't really see why this would be so useful. Living in Australia, alice springs is relatively nether talked about.

Oliver Cooksey

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Re: (A few) airport suggestions

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