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Potential Features Wanted | Skies and Seas HD (Post 1)

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Potential Features Wanted | Skies and Seas HD (Post 1) Empty Potential Features Wanted | Skies and Seas HD (Post 1)

Post  skiesandseasHD on Sat Aug 27, 2011 10:35 am

I've been playing this game for a while and would like to see some new features if possible. These include....

Having layovers. Instead of arranging a flight from Point A to Point B you can arrange a flight from Point A to Point B then to Point C. This would allow services like the Kangaroo Route from Sydney to London etc.

Incorporate Fuel Costs into the game. These can then fluctuate a bit like interest rates to make operations more expensive or less expensive. You could even hedge fuel at a cheaper rate.

Allow more competitors and make it harder for competitors to take over rivals. Don't show competitor route changes between moves. Instead allow us to see this in a table or message if we wanted too.

Have a central capacity % to show just how many seats are available in your airline and how many in total are being used.

Allow your ticket prices to be increased by/decreased by 2%, 5%, 10%, 20% automatically in the event of recession or when the airline is doing very well. This will allow you to take advantage of certain situations more easily.

Allow unlimited number of First and Business Class Seating. If you want an all business class flight you can do.

Allow the total number of seats to be reduced. This way you can still operate an A380 but remove unnecessary economy seats. For example Qantas operate their A380's with around 450 seats, but its impossible to do this because you can't reduce your economy class seats.

Allow us to open a new hub at anytime (at a cost). Don't restrict new hubs so that all other hubs have at least 6 routes first. This doesn't make sense.

Allow us to run Cargo routes from the very start i.e. without having to have 3 hubs first.

Allow passenger aircraft to carry cargo in their cargo bays.

Allow us to put forward a Request for Proposal to the aircraft manufacturers. You could enable the game to allow manufacturer's to provide the best offers (undercutting rivals) to make the acquisition of aircraft more exciting and competitive. You could even allow us to suggest a price to the manufacturer's for them to decide whether to accept or not.

I don't understand the Business and Tourism figures for a destination. It just seems like random numbers. Have a PIE chart showing what % of passengers will be First/Business/Economy Class Passengers so we can taylor the cabins more accurately. These % don't have to be set in stone and could fluctuate throughout the game to make it more challenging.

Introduce Premium Economy Class

Allow us to sell duty free on the aircraft e.g. Perfume, Toys, Souvenirs and allow us to set the price of these ourselves from a central point.

Allow us to choose from various ground crews. These crews could all have advantages and disadvantages making the game more interesting.

Add lots more destinations. As many as you can fit in the game.

Allow us to operate different aircraft types on a single route. It's daft having to operate 2 A380's on a route that will only support 1 A380 and 1 A330 for example.

Make newer models of planes more appealing to passengers and older models less appealing. For example, If passengers have a choice between an Airbus A300 and Airbus A330 they would prefer the A330. Another example could be that passengers prefer the 787/A380 over other planes because these are more modern, spacious and comfortable.

Allow us to swap aircraft from route to route. Now for example if you have just two routes with two different aircraft you simply can't change them over. This is daft especially if one plane is more better suited to a route than another.

Don't have a strict lifespan on planes. Allow us to continue using older planes but increase downtime and risk of mechanical failure as well as operating costs. This way we can manage our fleets our own way.

Make passenger numbers on routes more realistic. For example, Melbourne > Sydney is one of the busiest routes in the world, but sometimes there aren't enough passengers to fill even one plane.

Make running aircraft/airports more expensive. Take fuel costs, fuel efficiency, age etc into account as well as landing slot costs. You can make a hell of a lot of profit in a very short space of time which is not realistic compared with real life airlines.

Allow aircraft to be used on multiple routes. For example if it is only used once per week on Route A, instead of having it parked on the ground the rest of time, allow us to use it on another route(s).

Allow us to ensure our planes so that if there is an accident etc, we can get money back. Insurance would cost us. You can have different tiers with better or worse benefits.

Allow us to see the performance of our aircraft on a yearly basis and for all the years that have passed.

If we offer drastically lower prices than rivals, then our rivals should lose more customers than they do now. Sometimes they have higher capacities even when my service is better and much much cheaper.

Have alerts, so if a route triggers a specific issue e.g. capacity has sharply increased/decreased we can act on those routes.

These are my suggestions up to now. What do you think of them?

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Potential Features Wanted | Skies and Seas HD (Post 1) Empty Re: Potential Features Wanted | Skies and Seas HD (Post 1)

Post  TJ Bender on Sat Aug 27, 2011 4:24 pm

That's not an update, that's AirTycoon 3! lol!

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