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Lot of ideas! Empty Lot of ideas!

Post  dodo on Thu Apr 07, 2011 8:33 am

Have airplane customer satisfactions stars Like a Star @ heaven Like a Star @ heaven Like a Star @ heaven Like a Star @ heaven Like a Star @ heaven
Customer satisfaction (number of stars 1 to 5) for an airplane
Able to configure them more like fewer seats for more spaces per seat for better plane rating., food quality, individual tv vs no tv, movie in plane, etc This setting could be by plane, for same origin/destination, by plane type or company wide setting.

Option if want system to change ticket price automatically to get price higher if planes get full at 100% or reduce it if less than 80% (and be able to manage the percentage of occupancy wanted and profit). This is a big challenge right now when your company get big and it’s get boring to check at each tour for adjusting one by one the price Sad , nb plane and flights so this option would be really cool. The computer probably do it all the time but I skip lot of turns before checking because it’s long when you have 100 trips but if I don’t do it each turn, the competitors that do it get higher revenue and start to be bigger than me Mad

When you check an origin/destination, it would be nice if you purchase a plane over this detail screen to get that plane associated to this trip when it arrive and also to be able to increase right away the number of flight that will be pending until the place is available after 2 turns. That way we don’t need to return again to this trip 4 months after to do almost the same thing.

Right now, I try to get the other company passenger traffic so I build trip where they are and I try to reduce price, get more trips, more planes and better meals but I can’t take the lead on those trip and I don’t see why. It’s a bug or if there are more reasons why a customer will take another company even if less service and much higher price? All the service settings are set to max and I hire the max employees on all and my company image is somewhere near 90% so I don’t get why I can’t put the other company in trouble for those trips to be able to put them into bankruptcy or be able to purchase them. If there is more information that pushes a customer to take another cpy flight, there should be a place where you can view why and have a way to change that. Also give more price and service info/graphs to compare to other companies.

I would like to see the potential customers to show on the trip detail menu where you can adjust the number of flights and pricing and see the potential lower when you put you price higher and lower if you cut them. Be able to know with the number of planes/flights and pricing if the planes should be around 100% full, 80% or 30%

Cities deserved by planes should start to grow. So instead of having some big cities like New-York at the beginning, they should be almost all the same and depending if you deserve the city or not, the city grow or not and if you install a hub and start lot of trip from it, then this city can become a big city. That way city size could vary from a game to the other and this could help playing the game longer and get different strategy.

More graphs! Would be good to have a way to know the competitor image, maintenance, marketing staff, etc. It can help to know why you’re not the best airline and what need to be done to become THE leader!

Could be good to be able to buy and sale stock options. You sale part of your company to get money and the competitor can also do it. That way, you could also purchase actions from the other companies and get revenue from them and if you purchase more than 50% then you become the owner of that company too and can merge all trips to your company, close that company or play 2 company on same game, leave the computer manage that company but $ return to you, etc).

Have an easy way to see all your trips where you have competitors to easily change price, quality, and number of flights to be the #1 carrier.

On a game, I started to loose my advance when I tried to use the cargo. I think cargo routes should cost less or give more.

Right now you can’t have any loan to be able to purchase a company and it’s not right.

More cities or could play World map or Regional (only US, or Canada, Europe, etc) and when in regional mode get smaller cities.

Random hubs and get the computer not try to repeat same pattern again and again in each game.

Get an option to purchase services on the black market Twisted Evil to put a bomb bom on a competitor plane (if successful competitor loose a plane), put a sticky bomb in a plane (if successful, the image of the company is reduced), put bad meals (for bad image), hire syndicate people to get strike on the other company or they must pay their employees higher, put a flat to an airplane (maintenance quality), etc. You pay different price for the different option chooses. If you get caught, it’s your own image that reduces. Maybe also could hire security agents to help prevent other company to do this to you.

I hope some of those ideas will be in the next version update.

Trainee Pilot
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Lot of ideas! Empty Re: Lot of ideas!

Post  Oliver Cooksey on Sat Apr 09, 2011 11:17 am

Wow, nice list!

Thanks for the suggestions.
Oliver Cooksey
Oliver Cooksey

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Lot of ideas! Empty Thank you

Post  Cheddarball on Thu Feb 09, 2012 1:15 am

Thank you for all the ideas that no one else has mentioned yet!

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Lot of ideas! Empty Wow

Post  SullySullinburg on Mon Jul 09, 2012 3:17 pm

That's a great list all of the list thing would make the game better.

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Lot of ideas! Empty Re: Lot of ideas!

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